Proudly made in the City of Naga, the natural satisfying taste coupled with health benefits of ginger, best describes UMAI Ginger Sauce, one of the products exhibited by the City of Naga during the R CEBU Garbo Sa Unang Distrito Fair which featured local products of each town and city in Cebu.

UMAI Ginger Sauce is a healthy flavor enhancer prepared by aspiring Nagahanon entrepreneur James Obaob of Purok Lagundi, Barangay Lutac. The ginger sauce enhances the flavor of any food and complements Filipino dishes as dipping sauce or topping.

The sauce is made from 90% ginger locally called luy-a, sourced from the local Nagahanon farmers and backyard gardeners.

Let us patronize our locally-made products and support our Nagahanon Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs). By buying local products, you do not just help the SMMEs but also our fellow Nagahanons they employ, and our local farmers from whom raw materials are sourced.

Are you interested in UMAI Ginger Sauce? You may contact Mr. James Obaob at 0926 727 0154.

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