In line with the Naga Hapsay Celebration, City Vice Mayor Virgilio Chiong, who also chairs the SP Committee on Public Order and Safety, led the Force Multiplier’s Oath Taking and Covenant Signing Towards Naga Hapsay this afternoon, June 1 at the Volley and Lob Tennis Court, this city.

The said event was participated by various organizations such as Barangay Peace Action Team (BPAT), Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI), Guardians, Tau Gamma Phi, Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina (KALIPI), Alpha Kappa Rho, Ati Tribe, City of Naga Riders, Fisherfolks Association, Uling-Naga Cooperative, Kabataan Kontra Droga at Terorismo (KKDAT), LGBTQ+ and Naga Maniniyot, where they pledged to help the City of Naga achieve safe and peaceful city.

The oath taking was also graced by the Cebu Provincial Police Office represented by PLTCOL Conrado Manatad, Deputy Chief of Police PLT Cleto Pia, City Consultant and City of Naga Traffic Management Authority (CNTMA) Head Dr. Carmelino Cruz Jr. and OIC-Chief of Police PLTCOL Nelson Sardin who participated in the event thru Zoom.