City Profile

Status:3rd Class City
Main Product:Agricultural, Industrial, Agro-Industrial, Mining
Distance from Cebu City:21 kms south of  Cebu
Main Source of IncomeIRA, RPT, Business and License Fees
No. of Barangays:28
Land Area:10, 217 has
Climate:3rd type
Agricultural Area:1,687.50 has
Special Economic Area:764.90 has
Timber Land:4,470.00 has
Planned Unit for Development:611.00 has
Industrial:424.80 has
Reclamation:1,000.00 has
Built-up:1,265.06 has
Agro-industrial:56.48 has
Tourism:8.00 has
Mangroves:6.00 has
Total:10,298.24 has
No. of Households:23,150
Pop. Growth Rate (Intercensal):2.52%
Residential Area:601.6135 has
Mangroves:6.0000 has
Commercial:101.3600 has
Industrial I:9.0000 has
Industrial II:7.4000 has
Industrial III:408.4000 has
Institutional:15.1300 has
Parks/Open Space:15.1040 has
Agricultural:3.5595 has
Reclamation:1,000.0000  has
Timber Land:532.5400 has
Total:2,700.1000 has
Language Spoken:English, Tagalog, Cebuano
Religion:R. Catholic (dominant), Seventh Day Adventist, Iglesia ni Kristo, Protestant
Annual Feast Day:Every 10th of October
Patron Saint:St. Francis of Assisi
Provider:Visayan Electric
No. of Barangays energized:28

Road Network

National Road:9.00 kms.
Provincial Road:28.50 kms.
City Road:5.22 kms.
Barangay Road:72.75 kms.
Lying-in Clinic:1
General Hospital:1
City Health:1
Diagnostic Center:2 (Public)
Health Station:28, 2 (Private)
  • Buses
  • Tricycles
  • Passenger Vans
Private:NPC/Salcon Power, APO Cement Corp.
  • Spring (natural)
  • Deep/Shallow wells
  • Spring box
  • Local Utility Provider
  • Postal Services
  • Mobile Phones
  • Telephones (landline)
  • VHF Radio