Economic Dynamism

Economic Dynamism
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Development Agenda 10

Formulate/adopt economic policies and standards that will promote economic dynamism in the City.

Key Issues,

  • Enhancement of the BPLS

    To increase the number of registered/active business establishments in the city.

  • Strengthening the implementation of Ordinance 2018-002 and its IRR

    To improve the quality of direct support services to businesses, enterprises and industries and To strengthen the oversight committee as per Ordinance 2018-002.

  • Meet the demands of a fast growing city

    To increase locally sourced revenues, increase RPT revenues, impose and enforce remedies on delinquent taxpayers, enforce remedies to non-compliant taxpayers and enhance collection.

  • Enhancement of IEC for taxpayers in the city

    To conduct tax information dissemination

  • Comprehensive database for businesses operating within the city

    To establish proper profiling of businesses within the city.

  • Partnership between the LGU and the Businesses in the city

    To enhance the role of businesses as partners for the development of the City of Naga.

  • The Role of SMEs in economic development

    Make the SMEs development partners for the City

  • The image of Naga as the Industrial Hub of the South

    To attract more large businesses establishments in the City of Naga (eco-friendly export-oriented business; BPOs).

  • Improvement of the training center and its expanded training programs

    To establish a fully equipped Naga Skills Training Center with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

  • Proper implementation of the PPP

    To effectively implement PPP Engagements; rationale: Engagement with Consortiums/ Companies in PPP arrangement for development and operation of potential economic enterprises.


  • Create a fast and efficient Business Permit Licensing Facility in the LGU that operates during the entire year

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Revision of the current Local Revenue Code (LRC) to accommodate increases and inclusion of new source of revenues

  • Conduct General Revision of Real Property Assessment and Classification

  • Enforcement of collection through auctions and other legal means available for the LGU

  • Year-round inspection; conduct routinary inspection and tax mapping

  • Strengthening the LEIPO and the NCCI

  • Strengthening the participation of SMEs in the Development of the City

  • Attract Businesses by providing an area that is conducive for large business operations (utilities, roads, workforce, etc.)

  • Purchase of equipment and facilities for the training center that would provide livelihood opportunities to various sectors

  • Strengthening and Enhancing the Capabilities of the PPP Selection Committee (SC)