Health Citizenry

Health Citizenry
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Naga Development Agenda 3

Commit to an integrated healthcare system that enhances, anticipates and responds to the health needs of the Naganhons.

Key Issues, Goals, Objectives

  • Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases

    To decrease the incidence of NCD patients by 20% every year.

  • Maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition

    To increase the number of Fully-Immunized Children (FIC) from 90% to 95% (DOH), achieve Zero Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Zero-home delivery by 2022, less than 1% malnutrition by 2022, increase Contraceptive Prevalence Rate from 20% by 2020, 25% by 2021 and 30% by 2022.

  • TB DOTS Program augmentation

    To achieve a Case Detection Rate/Total Success Rate of 90%

  • Prevalence of Animal Bite Patients

    To achieve zero mortality for rabies for 3 years and be declared a Rabies – Free City

  • Incidence of STI/HIV

    To facilitate early detection and management of STI/HIV through community involvement and facility enhancement*

  • Enhancement of Health and Well – being Program for Senior Citizens and PWDs

    To be able to provide 100% support for the health and well-being of Seniors and PWDs.

  • Augmentation of blood supply for medical emergencies

    To achieve the 1% of the city's total population donate blood.

  • Disaster and emergency preparedness

    To render responsive and well-planned health care service in times of calamities.

  • Response to Health and Nutrition in Emergency

    To ensure easy access and adequate supply of medicine, safe food and water, as well as non-disruption of health and nutrition services during emergency situations

  • Financial Security for patients

    To achieve UHC Philhealth coverage of 100% of the population by 2020

  • Computerization of the City Health Office

    To establish City Health Office e-data system-capable in accordance with DOH standards for reporting.

  • Enhancement of Mental Health Services

    To strengthen coverage of mental health services

  • Incidence of Dengue

    To reduce dengue cases every year and ensure that equipment and quality of chemicals are secured and maintained.

  • Issuance of Health Certificates

    To issue and update health certificate according to the system.

  • Prevalence of Open Defecation

    To attain a zero – open defecation status by 2022.

  • Monitoring of Water Sources

    To facilitate routine monitoring of Levels 1, 2 and 3 access to water supply, provide safe drinking water, and ensure that the quality of water is safe for human consumption

  • Food handing by food establishments

    To achieve zero mortality for rabies for 3 years and be declared a Rabies – Free City.

  • Effectively delivery of services in far flung areas

    To provide services (deliver DOH/medical supplies, dengue control program, field visits and complaints, routine inspection) quickly and easily.

  • Enhanced Dental Health Care

    To provide quality dental care to Naga residents which include promotive, preventive and curative services.

  • Augmentation of Human Resource

    To attain 100% infirmary staffing based on operational needs and DOH Licensing Standards, make VMCH laboratory operational for 24/7, and increase the bed capacity of the infirmary from 15 to 35 in DOH License by the year 2020.

  • Competence of Health Workers

    To have 100% trained doctors, nurses and midwives on advanced cardiac, and have 100% competent and responsive medical staff during calamities or disasters by 2020.

  • Response to Health and Nutrition in Emergency

    To ensure easy access and adequate supply of medicine, safe food and water, as well as non-disruption of health and nutrition services during emergency situations

  • Enhancement of the Infirmary procurement process

    To achieve 50% financial autonomy for hospital administration by 2021.

  • Enhancement of Barangay Health Stations

    To avoid nosocomial infections or communicable diseases in health centres, and facilitate quick recovery of patients from disability due to stroke or from Post-Traumatic Injuries.

  • Hospital Information System

    To have an established hospital information system by 2020.

  • Compliance with Environmental Standards

    To be environmentally - compliant with DENR and DOH standards with proper implementation by 2020.

  • Enhancement of Barangay Health Stations

    To avoid nosocomial infections or communicable diseases in the health centre and facilitate quick recovery of patients from disability due to stroke or from Post-Traumatic Injuries.

  • Avenue for acute care of mental health patients

    To strengthen coverage for Mental Health Services.

  • Comfortable and safe Facility

    To establish an appropriate, safe and comfortable waiting area for patients and their caregivers.

  • Teenage pregnancy

    To decrease the incidence of teenage pregnancy by 10% in 2020 and increase knowledge on responsible parenthood and family planning.

  • Augmentation of human resource

    To have adequate manpower for the implementation of POPCOM programs.

  • Animal Health

    To achieve zero occurrences of hemorrhagic septicemia.

  • Anti-rabies vaccination for dogs and cats

    To establish a rabies-free Naga.

  • Control of Dog Population

    To minimize roaming dogs in the city.

  • Proper shelter for impounded and surrendered dogs

    Elimination of stray dogs and have a permanent shelter.

  • Slaughtering of food animals in the city

    Conversion and accreditation of the existing slaughterhouse into a double AA accredited facility.

  • Need for New Meat Van

    Meat Van for Chevron with the City of Naga as the only Halal certified slaughterhouse facility for goat and chevron only.

  • Establishment of the Goat and chevon facility

    To produce quality and halal standard meat from goat and chevon.


  • Healthy Lifestyle Promotion activities at the barangay level through Symposia, Hataw / exercise / Zumba, Smoke-Free Barangays

  • Procure medical supplies for disease diagnosis and monitoring

  • Ensure the safety of the public from risks of passive smoking

  • Implement the Degenerative Disease Prevention and Control Program

  • Implementation of Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Nutrition strategy

  • BEmONc Training (Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care) for additional personnel (D, N, M)

  • Encourage mothers on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding (F1K Program of DOH)

  • Provide continuous supply of Family Planning commodities

  • Level 1 – 2 FP Training

  • Formulate and implement TB Manual of Operations

  • Provide technical and logistics support on Rabies Management

  • Intensify community awareness on the STI/HIV Prevention and Control Program

  • Upgrading of Social Hygiene Clinic to HIV Satellite Treatment Hub

  • Making Screening Test available in the facility

  • Health personnel augmentatiion for the STI/HIV Program

  • Degenerative Disease Prevention through HL promotion and Immunization for adult vaccine preventable diseases

  • Strengthen the National Voluntary Blood Services Program (NVBSP)

  • Creation of DRRM-H Plan

  • Have a functional Health Emergency Management Bureau

  • Enrollment of Naga constituents to PhilHealth

  • Provide technical training and logsistic support for improved data collection and reporting

  • Intensify advocacy activities and provide logistic support for mental health program

  • Intensify dengue prevention measures such as Larviciding and Misting if needed, Operation Kulob and the 4 o'clock Habit Against Dengue

  • Designating a storage area for chemicals and equipment

  • Create a computerized system for health certificate issuance with auto updating features

  • Provide logistic support to families and the whole community

  • Formulation of Zero Open Defecation Ordinance

  • Additional manpower for the supervision and maintenance of safe and adequate water supply

  • Chlorination of contaminated water source Implement mandatory acquisition of Food Handlers Certificate prior to the issuance of Sanitary Permits

  • Procurement of vehicle exclusive for City Health Office

  • Monitor oral health status of pre-schoolers(PS) and school children(SC); intensify information dissemination for dental care; strengthen private partnership with local establishments

  • Creation of positions based on DOH staff ratio and operational requirements for the Infirmary

  • Reorganization and hiring of additional Medical Technologists

  • Salary alignment of nurses to its appropriate rate and position

  • Capacity training for old and newly - hired medical personnel

  • Establish a routine schedule for drills on disaster management

  • Make a system that would help infirmary become self liquidating

  • Install DOH iHomis or third party provider for the hospital information system

  • Comply with ECC

  • Upgrading of Barangay Health Stations

  • Creation of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation facilty

  • Construct a Temporary Holding Center at the Facility

  • Renovation of a vacant space at the infirmary to become a waiting area

  • Training of peer facilitators

  • Conduct series of interactive discussions per school

  • Establishment of Teen Center with complete equipment (computer, laptop, projector)

  • Establishment of the Information Service Delivery Network (ISDN)

  • Strengthen the Responsible Parenthood and Family planning program

  • Men's involvement in RP-FP

  • Hiring of human resource

  • Continue massive vaccination for working animals for hemorrhagic Septecemia, free deworming & vitamin supplementation for the 28 Barangays in the City of Naga

  • Continuation of the rabies eradication program in the City of Naga through massive anti rabies vaccination for each barangay

  • Conduct impounding in each barangay and serve request from puroks and barangay captains on time

  • Construction dog shelter for impounded dogs and cats in each barangay and assignment of caretaker to feed the dogs and cats in the facility and maintain the cleanliness and proper hygine of the facility

  • Enhance slaughterhouse operation and meat inspection

  • Acquire separate vehicle to transport chveron/halal meat products from new slaughterhouse to market and other locations

  • Construction of separate slaughterhouse and processing plant for goat and chevon only