Naga - In line with the primary objective of the Department of Energy to attain (90%) percent household electrification by 2017, the  City Government of Naga, Cebu through its Office of the Building Official (OBO) is implementing the Rural Electrification program since 2013.

Rural electrification is one of the top priorities of the local government in the belief that provision of electric services will stimulate rural development, yield more opportunities and improved quality of life to the indigent residents, most especially those living in the far-flung areas in the City. In support of the DOE's program, the City Council passed a resolution waiving the imposition of electrical permit fees of qualified (indigent) households without access to electricity as certified by the Punong Barangay.

Since 2013, around 300 indigent households have already availed the Rural Electrification program as shown by the table below.

Sitio /Barangay

Resolution No.

Number of


Sitio Baclay, Lanas, 007-L-2013 35
Lower Cabungahan 013- E- 2013 19
Ug-ug, Pangdan 19-E-2013 29
Jaguimit 013- E- 2013 62
Kaduldulan, Lutac 032-E-2013 17
Upper Cabungahan 012-I-2014 25
Sitio Balisong, Cantao-an 025-L-2014 11
Gawad Kalinga, Tina-an 019-A-2015 8
Kalunesan, Lanas 027-6-2015 9
Lawis, South Pob. 026-F-2015 10
Punod, Balirong 035-E-2015 35
Punod, Tagjaguimit 035-E-2015 30
Riverside, Balirong 035-E-2015 7
South Poblacion 035-E-2015 3


The City Government is still accepting applicants to the Rural Electrification Program. For questions and querries visit your respective Barangay Halls or the Office of the Building Official at the City Hall. (Giovanie Resurecion)



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