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Development Agenda 6

Make the City more disaster resistant and disaster resilient by enhancing the City Government’s systems, structures and processes across all levels.

Key Issues,

  • Sustainable Resiliency

    To enhance the fully functional Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Facility.

  • Effective communication system for warnings/ advisories during emergencies

    To establish an SMS facility thru web and devices to send advisories during emergencies.

  • Monitoring capability for identified hazard prone areas

    To establish an Early Warning System for floods and landslides.

  • Evacuation Centers in Strategic Areas

    To establish Southern and Northern Evacuation Centers

  • Radio communi-cations in barangays where applicable

    To establish efficient digital radio communications.

  • Structural integrity of buildings

    To establish the suitability of land for building purposes

  • Stabilization of river banks

    To ensure slope protection along the Pangdan River.