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Vision Statement

To sustain a livable city that uplifts the standard of living of the populace propelling

total human development, progressive economy, and a well-balanced environment.


Mission Statement



Ensure sustainability of public safety and security by maintaining peace and order for every Nagahanon.


Promote the rights and welfare of the populace of Naga through the

effective and efficient implementation of social welfare services.


Strengthen the linkages between the CLGU and the civil society organizations.

Enhance the protection and promotion of quality, equitable, and culture-based and complete basic education where students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe and nurturing environment.


Maintain and ensure access to quality health care by making services available, arousing community awareness, mobilizing resources and promoting the means for better health.


Promote physical, mental and cultural well-being of the populace through sports, recreation, culture and the arts development.



Enhance local revenue generation to stimulate economic growth by creating a business-friendly environment.

Promote employment opportunities and develop the entrepreneurial spirit in the City.




Safeguard the environment by actively leading the citizenry to protect, conserve and manage the natural resources in parallel with the continued human and economic development.




Provide effective and efficient implementation of infrastructure development projects that are most beneficial to the needs of the constituents through proper projects planning and management.



Promote sense of accountability by creating awareness of our

responsibilities as Nagahanons.

Protect the rights of people and promote social justice.

Enhance, safeguard and properly manage the city’s resources.

Create employment opportunities and develop human resources.


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