Offices involved in obtaining or renewing a business permit – that is, all the officials required signatories – are usually clustered in an open and transparent office, to eradicate any opportunity for the commission of graft. This set up is established during the annual business renewal period from January 2 to 20. The BOSS cuts down the time, money, and effort usually needed to renew a business permit by allowing enterprises to complete all business renewal requirements on time and in a single place.

Office location: Second Floor, City Hall Building, City of Naga, Cebu

Contact No.: (032) 272-6655 local 103


Act No. 3753 or the Civil Registry Law has for its purpose, the establishment of a civil registrar in the Philippines wherein acts, events, legal instruments and  court decrees concerning the civil status of persons shall be recorded.


Achieve and attain a hundred percent (100%) civil registration and generate correct, complete, and accurate vital registrable events in the City of Naga; and provide a highest quality of service to the citizens in the fields of registration, document issuances, preservation and archiving.


 The City Civil Registrar Office shall inspire and assist the public in the full implementation of civil registration such as birth, death and marriage; and ensure the realization of its mandate of efficient and effective issuances and preservation of vital registrable events.

Service Pledge:

 We the officials and employees of the local government unit of Naga, Cebu pledge and commit to deliver quality  public service.  Specifically:  We will provide quality service without discrimination and treat each citizen with respect, courtesy, consideration and compassion, irrespective of status and affiliation.  We will faithfully adhere to the local government policies and practices with utmost impartiality and honesty.  We will contribute to the prosperity of the local government by observing austerity measures to conserve government funds and taking care of government facilities and properties.  We will cooperate in all activities of the local government, understand each other’s nature, help one another so as to achieve our vision and mission.




To preserve lives by establishing standard emergency protocols to provide quick response, safer communities and resilient residents during emergencies and calamities.



To provide the City of Naga residents, businesses and industries, and non-profit organizations the education and support necessary to preserve life and reduce human suffering; to minimize property damage; and protect environmental sensitive areas from all types of disasters through a comprehensive, risk-based, all-hazard emergency management program.




To become a livable City that uplifts the standard of living of the populace propelling a total human development, a progressive economy and a well- balanced environment. 



To promote the sense of accountability

  1. Creating awareness of our responsibilities as Nagahanons:
  2. Protecting the rights of its people and prompting social justice;
  3. Enhancing, safeguarding and properly managing the city’s resources; and
  4. Creating employment opportunities and developing human resources. 


To enhance local revenue generation and stimulate economic growth by creating business-friendly environment to promote employment opportunities and develop the entrepreneurial spirit in the city. 


Committed to safeguard the environment by actively leading the citizenry to protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources in parallel with the continued human and economic development. 


The City Engineering Office of the City of Naga, Cebu envisions to become comitted and effective implementor of all the projects and programs in component barangays; and LGU governance with utmost efficiency to attain a more developed and progressive City.


The City Engineering Office commits to provide the effective and efficient delivery of technical services for the infrastructure development projects that are most beneficial to the needs of the people of Naga through proper management and implementation of various projects of the City.


The Office of the City Planning and Development Coordinator achieve to have a holistic approach in formulating social, economic, physical/infrastructure and environment development plans and projects necessary to sustain economic stability and environmental protection.


This Office aims to provide spatial and comprehensive development planning to the LGU through:
– Preparation of schematic planning and project estimates.
– Oversee and manage proper implementation of zoning ordinances of the City of Naga.
– Conduct research and studies as well as appropriate trainings significant for future comprehensive plans and project developments.
– Evaluate and assess the impacts of current plans and projects for recommendation to future development programs, projects and activities of the local government unit.
-Proper management of data and information (data banking).
– Provide project survey or site inspection and regular monitoring of project accomplishment status.



A Center for Health with the passion of providing accessible, efficient, effective and quality healthcare services with utmost professionalism.


To provide effective and efficient delivery of health services for the welfare, well-being and satisfaction of the community through:

  • Competent health providers
  • Health Promotion
  • Clean, safe & comfortable facility
  • Proper coordination with government and non-government agencies.



A vibrant and progressive farming and fishing communities engaged in sustainable practices for the betterment of life  of every Nagahanons.


To help and empower farmers and fisher folks to produce enough food.

Functional Statement

The City Agriculture Office is the lead agency of this LGU responsible for the community’s agricultural growth and development in terms of farming, fishing and livestock raising. Its effort is focused on uplifting the standard of living especially those that belong to the marginalized sector of our society.


  • Ensure that maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural and fishery products are extended to farmers and fisherfolks.
  • Promote available and appropriate technology pertaining to agriculture and fishery.
  • Conduct on site trials based on results of basic and recent researches.
  • Establish demo farms related to crops and fishery production.
  • Enforce rules and regulations relating to agriculture and fishery.
  • Establish linkage with other line agencies and NGO’s regarding the promotion of agricultural and fishery productivity.
  • Capacitate the participation of rural-based organizations in making plans for development.
  • Recommend to the LCE on all matters related to agriculture and fishery production which will improve the living conditions of the farming and fishing communities.


  • Provision of technical assistance on improved crops, livestock and fishery production.
  • Promote the collection of soil samples for nutrient analysis to ensure that proper fertilization is applied.
  • Conduct relevant training to increase production of corn, rice, livestock, fishery and high value crops.
  • Promote the adoption of organic farming by establishing demo farms.
  • Provision of farm inputs to augment farmers’ and fisherfolks’ productivity thereby increase income.
  • Provide artificial insemination to large animals to improve quality of large animals.
  • Encourage the participation of rural-based organizations in agricultural development.


To work together and perform the necessary measures towards keeping and achieving the goal of having a safety, clean and health community.


To promote a peaceful, clean and healthy community in which people can be able to live safely and efficiently.


The Department of Social Welfare and Development envisions all Filipinos free from hunger and poverty, have equal access to opportunities, enabled by a fair, just and peaceful society. 


To lead in the information, implementation and coordination of social welfare and development policies and programs for and with the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged.


  • Maagap at Mapagkailingang Serbisyo
  • Serbisyong Walang Puwang sa Katiwalian
  • Patas na Pagtrato sa Komunidad
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