Insitutional Development

Mainstreaming institutional development in the LGU systems, processes and structures.

Social Services

Enhance children, women, PWDs and elderly services through effective approaches, standard infrastructure requirements and other coordinated support services.

Healthy Citizenry

Commit to an integrated healthcare system that enhances, anticipates and responds to the health needs of the Naganhons.

Quality Education

Delivery of a quality education program that ensures that all Naganhons youth and children are educated, decent, caring and responsible citizens.

Infrastructure Development

Maintain and develop appropriate infrastructures and other support facilities that contribute to the economic and social progress of the city.

Tourism and Heritage Development

Facilitate the development and management of the City’s heritage resources.

Green Environmental and Agriculture Support

Intensify plans, strategies and approaches to enhance, protect and preserve the natural environment.

Peace, Order and Safety

Intensify and strengthen coordination mechanisms and systems for peace, order and safety.

Economic Dynamism

Formulate/adopt economic policies and standards that will promote economic dynamism in the City.


Make the City more disaster resistant and disaster resilient by enhancing the City Government’s systems, structures and processes across all levels.