Tourism and Heritage Development

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Development Agenda 8

Facilitate the development and management of the City’s heritage resources.

Key Issues,

  • Development and Management of the City's heritage and cultural resources

    To increase the tourism value of the city through increased Tourism Arrivals, diversified Tourism Providers, and developed tourism attractions.

  • Protection, Preservation and Nurturance of the city's Culture and Heritage

    To protect, preserve and nurture the City of Naga's culture and heritage and imbibe the sense of pride and belongingness in every Naganhon, establish Incentives and Protective Measures, and protect, preserve and nurture the City of Naga's culture and heritage.


  • Develop Sustainable Tourism

  • Inclusive Tourism Approach

  • Protection of the Environment as input to the Tourism Sector

  • Improve Infrastructures and other Facilities

  • Provide a high quality fabricated photo wall

  • Fabricate and install the marker

  • Regulate the tourism activity of Mt. Naupa by organizing the community involving Barangay Officials, lot owners and tour guides, to be facilitated by the THDO with the assistance of DOT

  • Establishment of the Community-based Inventory of Local Natural and Cultural Heritage with Monitoring and Assessment

  • Drafting of barangay histories to be validated by the residents of a particular barangay

  • Provide legislation and other protective measures for the identified resources, including the development of a tourism and heritage code for the City of Naga; Development of the Museo de Naga

  • Install illuminated cultural heritage map of the 28 Barangays and the City at the Tourism and Heritage zone

  • Request the City Council through the Committee Chair concerned to sponsor a resolution/ ordinance for the purpose

  • Establish the City of Naga as the Home of the Philippine National Tree