Quality Education

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Development Agenda 2

Delivery of a quality education program that ensures that all Naganhons youth and children are educated, decent, caring and responsible citizens.

Key Issues,

  • Conducive Learning Environment

    To construct additional classrooms and laboratories.

  • Permanent relocation of Cantao-an Public Schools

    To develop a site for Cantao-an Public Schools and construct school buildings for Cantao-an National High School and Elementary School.

  • School Safety and Disaster Preparedness

    To construct disaster-related structures and facilities (ex. riprap, school perimeter fence, fire extinguishers, spine boards, etc.)

  • Human Resource Empowerment (CapDev)

    To send teachers and School Heads to training and Certificate Programs (Teachers and Leaders Scholarship Program).

  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

    To purchase of Senior High School (SHS) facilities and equipment.

  • Student's Health

    To purchase vitamins for all learners and allocating funds for year-round feeding/ nutrition program

  • Student welfare and protection

    To send Guidance Teachers to an in-depth training program with Social workers to address present social issues that students are facing

  • School Safety

    To purchase and install CCTV cameras in all schools

  • Supplementary reading materials

    To purchase of books and other supplementary reading materials to support and upgrade DepEd’s existing reading materials

  • Science and mathematics development program

    To purchase Science and Mathematics Equipment

  • Health and Sanitation

    To upgrade and install water facilities in every school.

  • Talent & Sports Development Program (Co-Curricular Activities)

    To purchase sports equipment and other resources, implement the Sports Training Program, and conduct and participate in Sports and other Competitions (CNDAA, CVIRAA, Palaro, etc.).

  • Student Leadership Development

    To conduct Student Leadership Development Trainings, Congress and Adventure Education

  • Cultural Development Programs

    To conduct and participate in cultural - related activities and competition.

  • ICT Development

    To purchase and maintenance ICT Equipment for Schools and the Schools Division Office.

  • City's College Scholarship Program

    To expand the City's College Scholarship Program and extend support to scholar graduates in their board exam review (e.g. Teacher's Board).

  • Project Sagrado Program

    To reduce rates of failures and dropouts of students and pupils by hiring locally-paid teacher aides to facilitate measures such as remedial activities and tracking of pupils and students at risk of dropping out (PARDOs / SARDOs)


  • Revise the City Scholarship Program

  • Submit proposal for the extended support to scholar graduates

  • Hire and deploy locally- paid teacher aides in accordance to approved deployment mechanism