Cogon is a mountainous Barangay located in the Northern part of the City of Naga with distance of 17 kilometers away from the City. It has a land area of 715.3287 hectares. The barangay is composed of 19 Puroks; Proper 1, Proper 2, Proper 3, Calopez, Riverside, Naopa, Cabuan 1, Cabuan 2, Crusher, Prangos 1, Prangos 2, Common 1, Common 2, Kabangklan, Cagbao 1, Cagbao 2, Katikan 1, Katikan 2 and Kapihan. It has a total population of 4,267 per latest survey with 2,160 female and 2,107 male. It has a  total of 1,968 registered voters with 8 precincts.  On the eastern part of Barangay Cogon, lies Mt. Naupa, the highest point of the whole City of Naga, shared with Barangay Lanas on its western side.



The mangrove plantation in barangay Inoburan has a total land area of 28 hectares and consist of 17 mangrove species. It ranked third during the Tourism Site Prioritization process.


Dagitab Festival was declared as the official cultural festival name of the City of Naga, in consideration of the following:

a.) The City of Naga’s Annual Festival of Lights which starts on December 8 simultaneous with the Feast of the Immaculada Concepcion and goes throughout the Christmas season.

 b.) The town is an electric power source with KEPCO and SPC Power Corporation (now Therma Power Visayas) both in Barangay Colon which address the looming power shortage in the Visayas Region;

c.) The town plaza and park has vibrant lamp posts installed everywhere which inspire town folks to stroll around the area, more particularly at St. Francis of Assisi Ocean Park, a beautiful baywalk and boardwalk;

d.) The presence of different industrial companies which zoom Naga to progress giving hope to all Nagahanons for blissful lives


The City of Naga Baywalk and Boardwalk Complex is located at the heart of the city. A place where people can relax and enjoy the comforting breeze of the sea with family and friends. This place has become the favorite destination among all ages. The Baywalk Complex consist of three (3) different sectors, namely: Leisure: City of Naga Baywalk, City of Naga Boardwalk, St. Francis of Assisi Ocean Park, Pasilong sa Naga